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Once upon a Wedding (Romantic Traditions) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 524)

Once upon a Wedding (Romantic Traditions) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 524) - Paula Detmer Riggs Once upon a time, Jess was a famous race car driver. And then he had an accident that cost him his career and his right arm. 12 years later he is a successful lawyer, heard-hearted on the outside, but incredibly compassionate on the inside. It was that compassion that made him accept the possibility of adopting Francey, a daughter of one of his clients who died in childbirth. But because of his disability it is highly unlikely he could adopted. So, he needs a wife. Hazel fits his requirements perfectly.

Hazel is a child psychologist, who get roped into marriage by her love of a tiny child. And the fact that she was falling in love with Jess, even with his family and friends warning her off.

Jess in incredibly sensitive about his missing arm and the scars covering his chest. He retreats when Hazel’s reaction to them isn’t like he expected. Retreats and acts like an idiot with a wall of ice surrounding him. I had a hard time liking him.

Hazel is compassionate, patient and a good person, but nothing memorable.

BTW, Jess and Hazel are friend of the h/h from the book Paroled.


2.5 stars.