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If I Had You

If I Had You - Lynn Kurland Robin and Anne have known each other for a long time. There was something between them all along, something that feels suspiciosly like love, but Robin (because of some pretty stupid reason that could make sense only to an alpha man) ran away and did his best to forget. Of course, he failed.
The moment he finds out that Anne's supposed to find a husband, he goes home.

I like Robin - I have a thing for grumpy, surly men with communication issues. Anne is great as well - sensible (unlike the heroine from the previous book Another Chance to Dream), good, patient (as much as anyone could be with Robin)....

The only blip is the suspense part, and Robin's unwillingness to listen to Anne's suspicion. That almost got her killed.

The entire De Piaget family is great and look forward to seeing more of them. And the revelation at the end, while not surprising, was fun to read.


4.5 stars.