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Dreams Of Stardust

Dreams Of Stardust - Lynn Kurland Amanda has had it with eager suitors. Not one of them cares for her - all they see is that she is a really rich heiress. She decided long ago that she wants to marry for love, just like her parents did. But, as she realizes that may be impossible, she decides to run away. That might have worked if she didn't find a clearly hurt man and stopped to help him.

Jake's life has taken an unexpected turn. One moment he was in his car driving to Artane, the next he wakes up in medieval England, and he's looking at the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. From the start they are attracted to each other, and there are obstacles stopping them from being together. The fact that Jack's from the Future doesn't even merit a thought. It's his occupation. He's not a nobleman, not even a knight, just a merchant. But, they still can't resit each other.

My main problem is Amanda. When she thinks Jack's not coming back, she acts stupidly and only complicates thing even more. I didn't like her at all, even without that one TSTL moment.

Jack is okay, and I like him. His patience and the way he courts Amanda. Also the way he tries to learn to ride and to fight with swords. He tries hard to impress Amanda and her family.

And that leads me to the best part of the book - de Piagets. I just love the entire family, and I will definitely be reading more about them. But they do have an extremely complicated family tree.

BTW, I did noticed that there were some mistakes in the timeline. I even checked it. From the first book in the series (Another Chance to Dream) it was evident that Amanda was born in 1203. This book is set in 1227. So that would mean that she is 24, but her age is given as 21. That's not much, but I tried to make a detailed family tree with the years of birth in them, but after that, I decided to stick to names only. :-)


3.5 stars.