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When I Fall in Love

When I Fall in Love - Lynn Kurland Jennifer wants to change her life, not only the professional part, but the private one as well. All she wants is a man who could love her, a husband, a father, someone like her brother-in-law. Too bad she can't find him, at least not in the present. Then, one day when she was resting in the park, something happened. When she woke up she was in medieval England and she was being accused of witchcraft. Luckily, there was a knight in shining armor to save her.

Nicholas de Piaget isn't content with his life. The woman he was in love with married another man, his castle's roof is leaking - and then he sees Jennifer. He is immediately attracted to her, but he recognizes the fact that she's from the Future. That doesn't sit well with him, especially when he starts to care, and the fear that she will leave becomes almost unbearable.

I like the way Nicholas courted her, he knew from the start that he wanted her as a wife, and he did anything he could to make her love him. But I didn't like the fact that he didn't tell her about the time gate, even when she was devastated by the fact that she might never see her family again.

As always, de Piaget family is amazing, every single one of them. :-)

I really didn't like the epilogue, it made me melancholic instead of satisfied. All that things we learn from the future should make me happy, but maybe the fact that they are already long gone by that point didn't sit well with me. And some things Kendall said only confused me.


3 stars.