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Ravishing in Red

Ravishing in Red - Madeline Hunter Audrianna will do anything she can to help clear her father's name. Even if it means going to an inn alone armed so that she could meet a mysterious man - Domino - who claims to know something. But the man she meets isn't the one she seeks, but Lord Sebastian Summerhays a man whose investigation placed the blame on her father in the first place.

Sebastian is enchanted by the woman he meets. Too bad that she is totally unsuitable, mainly because of her father. But when they are caught together and honor demands they marry, they must learn to get along. It does help that the attraction between them is strong.

I liked the book, but I had a few problems. The book dragged on a bit, and Audrianna had a few TSTL moments mostly when her desire to help her father overruled her sense. But later in the book she learned her lesson.

I like the marriage of convenience plot. How the couples have to learn with each other and the married life. In this case there was a mystery that could potentially destroy the relationship.

The secondary characters are great - the rest of the Rarest Blooms, and especially Castleford. :-)


4 stars.