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Shifter Made

Shifter Made - Jennifer Ashley Niall O’Connell is a feline shifter who led a quiet life as a blacksmith in a small village. But then, one night a Fae showed up - Alanna. She needs Niall to make her a sword, and her (evil) brother is keeping Niall's cubs as hostage.

During that long night they fall in love. No matter how impossible it seems. A shifter and a Fae? But love knows nothing of obstacles.

It's a good prequel to the Shifters Unbound series. I liked Niall and Alanna, but the story is way too short. Okay, so they managed to fall in love and forget all the prejudice so quickly? But otherwise, it's good. And I liked the fact that we learn more of the shifter's history.

I just realized that it was a part of The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance. No wonder it's short.


4 stars