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On The Edge

On The Edge - Pamela Britton Rebecca (the widow of Randy, the driver who died in Dangerous Curves) is trying hard to keep her racing team. She had a lot of problems lately and no good results to show to her sponsors. So when a little girl shows up claiming that her father is a good driver and that she should hire him, she isn't really optimistic. But when she meets Adam and sees him drive, she starts to feel hope. If only she wasn't attracted to him.

Adam is a man who gave up his career so that he could raise his daughter Lindsay. At the beginning he refuses to even try, but when he accepts that he could be a driver and a father at at same time, everything starts to fall into place. Everything except his relationship with Rebecca.

I liked Adam. He is a great father, patient, modest, and totally unaware of his talent on the track.

I hated Rebecca. First of all she keeps using her husband as an excuse. It's not the fact that he has been dead for five years, but even when she comes to terms with his death she still uses him as a shield. And I have no idea how she kept her company for so long. So she's struggling with money and she desperately needs good results but she fires the most promising driver she has because she's afraid of her feelings. And then she signs a contract with the biggest shark of the NASCAR world instead?! She really pissed me off.

The best part of the book is Lindsay. She's a great kid willing to do a lot of things so that her dad can be happy. I love her plots and plans. :-)


2.5 stars.