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To The Limit

To The Limit - Pamela Britton Kirsten is an engineer who's been a chance at doing something she loves - designing cars for NASCAR. She was a promising driver herself, but then after an accident that killed her sister and crippled her, she never drove again. Now, she's determined to succeed. Everything would've been easier if it weren't for her boss, Matt.

Matt is seriously attracted to Kirsten. And he didn't become one of the richest men in America for not going after something he wants. Even the fact that he has competition (a driver Todd) for Kirsten doesn't worry him a bit.

I hated Kirsten, even more than the heroine from the previous book On The Edge. In the first half she was okay, but then in the second half... First she breaks up with Matt, that can even be explained, he does spend a lot of time working, but she knew what she was getting into from the start, what did she expect that he will miraculously change? Then she starts going out with Todd seemingly unaware that he has feelings for her, they are only friends. Yeah, right. She crushed him and I hated her for it.

Matt is an okay guy. And I like his idea for relaxation - buy a NASCAR team when your doctor tell you to take it easy. :-)


2 stars