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The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae - Stephanie Laurens Angelica Cynster is the most stubborn, adventurous of the Cynster sisters. So, when she sees a man at a ball, and recognizes him as her hero, she arranges an introduction. After all, she can't simply let him get away. :-)

Angelica's dress (or close enough, this one is actually a ceremonial dress of a Russian tsarina)

Dominic , Earl of Glencrae (AKA the laird) simply can't believe his luck. His prey served herself to him on a silver platter. He's been trying to find a way to kidnap Angelica, and there she walks up to him!

So he spirits her away to his London residence. This time, he wants to persuade the lady to his cause, not just spirit her away to Scotland and hope for the best. Of course, when your explanation boils down to the fact that everything that happened, happened because of a goblet, it does sound a bit incredible.


Fortunately, Angelica agrees to help, and they set off to Scotland, with a not the most ideal mode of transportation. Post chaise - not the most comfortable.


The destination, Dominic's castle where his evil mother awaits.


I really liked the book, much better than the first book, and a bit better than the second.

Dominic is a typical Laurens hero who finds himself in a pretty bad circumstances and is forced to do things that he finds repulsive. An honorable man, who is trying his best not to cross the line into evil.

Angelica is headstrong, incredibly stubborn, but generous and willing to help. And she's a great actress. Of course, she does have some problems with rushing into things without thinking it trough, but her emotions were running high, so she doesn't get painted as TSTL.

I like how the mystery of the laird and his actions is explained. I understand why Dominic made the choices he made (and even the Bar Cynster agrees, which is highly unusual).

The ending was dramatic, but there was one tiny thing the man who pushed Dominic's mother into the scheme in the first place, he was someone who wasn't mentioned before. Why introduce him at all? Oh yeah, so that the struggle at the cliff could happen. No point in fighting an old woman, but an enemy of the clan, that's a different story.

A great conclusion to the trilogy. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of Ms Lauren's work.