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How the Marquess Was Won

How the Marquess Was Won - Julie Anne Long The Scandal Sheets call him Lord Ice.

Ruthless, cold, precise, Julian Spenser, Marquess Dryden, tolerates only the finest—in clothes, in horseflesh, in mistresses. And now he’s found the perfect bride, the one whose dowry will restore his family’s shattered legacy and bring him peace at last: the exquisite heiress Lisbeth Redmond.

She's not afraid to play with fire...

But one unforgettable encounter with Lisbeth’s paid companion, Phoebe Vale, and the Marquess is undone: this quiet girl with the wicked smile and a wit to match is the first person to see through the icy façade to the fiery man beneath. But their irresistible attraction is a torment as sweet as it is dangerous: for surrendering to their desire could mean losing everything else they ever wanted.

I've really come to like Julie Anne Long's Pennyroyal Green series, some books more than others, but most are good reads. This one is among the better ones. :-)

I love Jules. He's so autocratic, dignified and oh so proper. He knows he should concentrate on Lisbeth, but he can't stop thinking about Phoebe.

And Phoebe for her part, is incredibly attracted to Jules. There's so much good between them, but duty means a lot to Jules, and the situation does seem hopeless. (Although, I think that it was given too much attention, after all Jules is a rich marquess, it would hardly be the end of the world if he did marry a poor schoolteacher).

I love Phoebe and Jules together. Their dialogues are always entertaining, and they never try to deny that there is something between them. Something beautiful and rare, breathtaking. *sigh*

We get to see the Everseas as well, which is always a plus, I love that family. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Redmonds. Lisbeth is a spoiled brat, and at this point of time I hope she doesn't get a book soon - she needs a lot of growing up to do first.

I'm looking forward to reading more books in the series, IMO they get better and bettter. :-)


5 stars