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Honor Bound Groom (Silhouette Desire, #1190) (Fortune's Children: The Brides)

Honor Bound Groom  (Silhouette Desire, #1190) (Fortune's Children: The Brides) - Jennifer Greene Kelly Sinclair is a bride, although not a very happy one. In fact she's been considering running away. But she knows that the marriage to Mac Fortune is the best choice not only for her, but her unborn child as well. Since the baby's father, Mac's brother Chad, ran off, she was alone and unsure of how to proceed. And then Mac offered marriage.

Mac's honor means everything to him. Doing the right thing is important and in this instance the right thing to do is to marry Kelly. He's a great hero, who treats Kelly with respect and you can see him falling in love. His biggest fear is that Kelly will change her mind when Chad shows up.

Kelly knows he made a mistake when she fell for Chad, and she's aware that Mac is the better man, one who doesn't play with people's feelings. But there's that fear that he sees her as a responsibility, not as someone he could love.

I love Mac's relationship with little Annie, the tough guy falling for the baby. :-)


4.5 stars