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Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble - Lois Faye Dyer Nick Fortune certainly didn't expect this. After a good friend of his died, the will says that Nick should take custody of three little girls, triplets. Nick knows nothing of children, so it's a stroke of luck he found a perfect nanny to help him.

Charlene London needed a change. That's why she decided to move away from Red Rock and go live with her mother. If only her mother hadn't fallen in love and asked a man to move in with her. She needs a back-up plan, and being a nanny to adorable triplets fits the bill. If only her new boss wasn't so attractive.

Nick is an okay guy with scruples who refused to take advantage of a woman working for him (which is why they made love near the end of the book, and not sooner). Charlene is a gun-shy since she just broke up with a long-term boyfriend. But they are still drawn to each other.

I love Nick and Charlene's relationship with the children, but it kind of stole the show from the romance itself. Most of their interactions were around the babies, and it's understandable, but it's a bit of a surprise how they managed to fall in love.

That said, Jackie, Jenny and Jenny were the best part of the book. They are completely adorable. :-)


2.5 stars