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The Privileged and the Damned

The Privileged and the Damned - Kimberly Lang Lily desperately needs a fresh start. She find that at Hill Chase. She wouldn't do anything to endanger the job she loves so much. But when temptation comes in shape of Ethan Marshall, the grandson of her boss, it near impossible to resist.

Ethan is enchanted by the beautiful stable girl. He knows he shouldn't get involved with somebody who works for his grandfather, but there something different about her. Something that makes her even more attractive.

Lily is a daughter of a con man, and has done everything she could to get away from that kind of life. She doesn't trust easily, but Ethan is patient, kind and special.

Ethan's entire family is in politics, so he values honesty over everything. So when he finds out about Lily's past his reaction is ugly. And that's the thing that bothered me. He didn't even want to listen to her explanations and he kept jumping to conclusions. His world was black and white, no shades of grey allowed.

I like Ethan's brothers and I'm looking forward to reading their books.


4 stars