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Capturing The Millionaire

Capturing The Millionaire - Marie Ferrarella Alain Dulac found himself stranded in the middle of nowhere with Kayla McKenna and her 7 dogs. The storm that rages doesn't allow contact with the outside world. Alain and Kayla are attracted to each other and in time they succumb to temptation. Of course when real world interferes they go their own ways.

Alain is the son of Lily Moreau - a famous artist with infamous romantic relationships. She spent most of her life going from man to man and sometimes forgetting about her sons. As a result Alain has some serious issues with trust. Until now he has never been in a serious relationship, but Kayla is special.

Kayla is totally alone. Her parents died, and she had no man in her life since she left her abusive fiancee. Well, she's not completely alone - she has her dogs. And now there's Alain.

I loved the scene in which one of the dogs had pups. It had me teary eyed. And the dog that attached himself to Alain - Winchester - was amazing.

The story itself had promise, but the second half of the book, after Alain left, felt rushed and I'm not completely sure how they came to terms with their problems and insecurities.

I like Alain's brothers and I might read their books. I realized this was the last book in the series half-way through the book. Oh, well.


3 stars