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Going Too Far

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols The only thing Meg is thinking about is getting away from the small town she grew up in, from her controlling parents and basically from everything she knows. But one night changes things for her.

John has decided to stay and guard this town. I really didn't know that you can be a police officer when you're only 19. Anyway he and Meg have nothing in common. And yet there is something between them, something precious.

Some of Meg's thoughts that made me laugh:

Before this, I’d entertained a miniature thought of what might happen if I saw John when my official punishment was over two nights from now. This small thought had not become a large thought because it had no room to grow. Currently John was pouring Miracle-Gro on the thought. I was just getting out the hedge clippers to cut the thought down when he parked in front of Martini’s.


I cranked up the chain saw to cut down the plot made by Miracle-Gro.


I pressed one finger between my eyes, still concentrating on the chain saw. Feel the chain saw. Be the chain saw.


The chain saw had run out of gas.

My problem with the book is the rather sudden ending. They had some serious issues, but somehow it all cleared up. An example: after years of not getting along with her parents, everything is suddenly OK just because they saw that she dyed her hair, really?.

All in all, a good read.


4 stars