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The Lion Tamer

The Lion Tamer - Madison Chase This is a free story on Smashwords.

Empath Carla Rogers has been in love with her boss, a lion shape-shifter, for years. And she simply can't hide her feelings anymore - it's time to do something.

Leo Santini had a thing for her too. But he was waiting for her to make a move. And now when she quit he know he has to find out the truth.

A cute story, but simply too short (20 pages or so) and I didn't really give a damn what happens to them. It's a story line I usually like, but this time it didn't do it for me.

And I don't see the point of making him a lion when it bears absolutely no impact on the story. If I remember correctly not even his animal instincts are mentioned. (That's why I marked it as contemporary, rather than paranormal).


2.5 stars