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Changing the Game

Changing the Game - Jaci Burton I won't go into a detailed review, just some random stuff I liked or didn't like.

The good points:

1. Gavin and Elizabeth's relationship in the first half of the book. They were sleeping together, but they were friends as well. And no matter what they said they cared for each other.

2. We get to see Jenna and her hero Ty. I'm looking forward to their book Taking a Shot.

3. Elizabeth - I wasn't sure I'd like her after her stunt in the last book, but I did. And learning about her past makes her "coldness" understandable.

The Bad stuff AKA the reasons why I gave the book only two stars:

1. Mick was incredibly annoying. I wanted to see him die, slowly and painfully. I liked him in the first book and I hated the fact that he's completely ruined in my eyes now. I know Elizabeth did a bad thing, but she apologized and made things right. Even if he didn't forgive her, he didn't have to stuck his nose in Gavin and Elizabeth's relationship. Arghhh. And the entire "I'll ruin her professionally" part is not worth ranting about. And then he suddenly saw the light. Arghhh.

2. Gavin's behavior at the end, he hurt Elizabeth badly and he managed to annoy me as well. She says "I love you" and he accuses of being a slut and sleeping with her clients!?!

3. Well, the entire last third wasn't to my tastes. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I actually skimmed through it.


2 - 2.5 stars