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Untouched by His Diamonds

Untouched by His Diamonds - Lucy Ellis The only thing this Russian’s money can’t buy . . .

To merciless Russian Serge Marinov, Clementine Chevalier’s Mona Lisa smile and siren’s body could incite a male riot! She’s so bewitching that ground rules are required: he’ll give her nights of endless pleasure – but in the stark light of St Petersburg’s dawn he’ll be gone! Serge is Clementine’s secret fantasy come to life, but she has no interest in money – his diamonds leave her skin cold! So she sets some terms of her own: she won’t be warming his bed until he shows her she’s more than just this magnate’s plaything!

An enjoyable read with interesting characters, definitely felt good after the last 2 books I read, where the heroines were wimpy and insecure and total doormats. Clementine isn't one of those luckily.

Clementine is wary when rich men are in question. She had issues to begin with, as a result of her childhood and parents who only cared about their careers, but since a rich man deceived her, her issues became epic. If she were smart she would've ran the other way when she saw Serge, but he is irresistible to her.

Serge is rich and charming, used to getting what he wants. And he wants Clementine. He though only about seducing her, he never expected to actually fall for her. His childhood wasn't happy either. His parent's marriage was never stable, and his mother second marriage abusive, so his opinion of love isn't really high.

Initially I liked their relationship, but later on the constant push and pull became a bit too much. Don't get me wrong, I liked them both and they are perfect for each other, but first she retreats (emotionally) and then something triggers his retreat, and the same thing happens over and over. Almost all the time, one of them is miserable and hurt. It got old after a while.

But, as I already said, I like the book, but it could have been better. I will be reading Lucy Ellis's other book Innocent in the Ivory Tower.


3 stars