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Roughing It With Ryan (Harlequin Temptation, No. 910)

Roughing It With Ryan - Jill Shalvis Lately I've been trying a few of the older Jill Shalvis books. I love her Lucky Harbor series, and thought why not give them a chance. Some I like more than others, but mostly they are OK reads.

Suzanne has had quite an unfortunate history with men. She has 3 ex-fiancees, and she managed to mess up every single one of them. The last one cost her her job and her apartment. So now she's jobless, homeless and mostly broke. So the add: "Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!" for an apartment sound right about perfect. It even started out great. The landlord is a terrific woman, she ogled a GTG (Gorgeous Tree Guy). Unfortunately, the first night wasn't that great. In fact:


Luckily GTG (AKA Ryan) rides to the rescue!

Ryan hates his job. He hates being called the tree guy. He is working on improving his life, but the job does have its benefits - mainly, consoling beautiful hysterical women.

Suzanne vowed to remain single forever. Ryan really doesn't need a woman right now. They won't know what hit them. :-)

Ryan was a cute guy, no major faults or anything, just nothing extraordinarily or memorable. Suzanne was the problem. That woman drove me nuts. OK, she won't commit to being a caterer, because she doesn't want the responsibility. Even though she likes to cook, and really doesn't have a choice. And she doesn't want to date Ryan so that she doesn't ruin him. I'm sorry, what? So her fiancees were douche bags, it's hardly her fault, I mean the last one cheated on her, kicked her out of her apartment and got her fired and it's somehow her fault?! Taking deep calming breaths. Since she is a cook (and I love cupcakes, and they calm me):


Anyway, she did come to her senses, but it was highly annoying in the meantime.

I did like Ryan's siblings, especially the twins. Wish the had their own books.

All in all, a cute read, but nothing spectacular.


3 stars