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Tangling with Ty

Tangling with Ty - Jill Shalvis Dr. Nicole Mann is a surgeon obsessed with her job.


She really has no time for romance - hence the vow to remain single forever. And then she meets Ty O'Grady. Gorgeous, charming and too sexy for words, Ty would become a distraction she could ill afford. But fate has a way of arranging people's life to suit her purposes.

Ty is an Irishman.


Well, actually, it's more like this (he was born in Dublin, but the cottage was so pretty :-) ):


He doesn't like the idea of settling down. He has a serious case of wanderlust. Understandably, since his childhood was pretty bad. He couldn't wait to leave Dublin and the kid he was behind. But now, there's this pretty doctor that tempts him to stay.

After finishing the first book in the series Roughing It With Ryan, I was looking forward to this one, mostly because of Nicole. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with the book. In the beginning their insecurities and issues were OK, but it got old after a while, especially with Ty. This is one of those really rare books where the hero was the more annoying one.

I'll definitely take a short break from Jill Shalvis for a while. Even though I do like her Temptation/Blaze titles, they're not what I'm in a mood for right now.


3 stars