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Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden - Kele Moon I'm really not sure about my feelings for this books. On one hand it's heart-wrenching (which is always a good thing), on the other hand there were some stuff that I didn't like. Anyway.

Danny, Paul and Eve are three friends that life tore apart. They were always pretty close. Paul and Eve even dated in high school. Unfortunately, when the time came to go to college, Paul was unwilling to stand up to his father, so he went to Penn State, and Eve left for the shining lights of New York.


Ten years later, Eve's back. She meets Danny and that crazy chemistry she was always denying, roared to life. Of course, Danny and Paul are living together, so staying away from Paul is impossible.


Since Paul is engaged, Eve knows nothing can happen between them. But she won't give up Danny. Of course Danny has some secrets...


So, a pretty unusual relationship begins.

I liked Danny and Eve a lot. Danny with his hard earned sophistication and artistic Eve with a backbone of steel. They were great together. My problem lies with Paul.

Lawyer Paul who does everything his father tells him to do. Even if it means leaving two people he loves the most behind, and marrying a woman for whom he feels nothing. That wasn't that bad, it's the fact that even though he was engaged and sleeping with his fiancee, he was sleeping with Danny and Eve as well. He was just drawing out the agony and making them hurt even worse.

Their relationship is good. Or maybe I should say, I liked how emotional it was. They didn't try to hide their feelings, even if some of them were doing their best to distance themselves from them. *stupid Paul*

The ending was just a tiny bit rushed. So Paul just came and that's it. No talking about things, making up, just the epilogue a couple of months later, really?

Loved the epilogue and the fact that Eve made it as an artist - and it all began with the theme of Eden. Just add some half naked men and chains to the picture. :-)


Warning: the book is heavy on BDSM, so if you don't like reading about it, this book's not for you. Even I was uncomfortable with some parts, and I read a lot of BDSM romance. For those interested, Paul is a masochist, he gets off on pain, so there were some scenes were he was whipped and there was blood flying everywhere and that just didn't do a thing for me.


4 stars