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Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps  - R.L. Mathewson When I fist saw some of my friend's glowing reviews of this book, I have to admit I was a bit surprised. We all know that saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but most of us, unfortunately, still do so. But, I did decide to try it. I'm so glad I did.

Haley spent most of her life trying to blend in, most of the time, it meant keeping her head down and, well, being a pushover. But enough is enough. Her neighbor is truly a neighbor from hell, but being who she is, she kept her mouth shut. But seeing him ripping her grandmother's tulips is simply too much.


Of course, he did have a good explanation, mainly the hive of bees, but hey. So when they found themselves trapped together, they start to talk. And they realize that they do have a lot of things in common, mainly the love of baseball and Yankees.


And so, a beautiful friendship begins.

I love the story. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite plots and this book delivers. They truly were friends, true the attraction was always there, but still.

The characters are both wacky, and their behavior is off the charts unbelievable. As a matter of fact, it reminds me of Shelly Laurenston's heroes, they at least have the explanation for their behavior, after all they're shifters, but I still liked it.

Jason is a great guy, funny, smart, with a sense of humor, albeit a weird one. And then there's the food. He's obsessed with it. The scene when Haley meats his father, priceless.


Everything was pretty perfect in the two thirds of the book. And then everything went downhill. He acted like an idiot (because for once in his life he was insecure in something), and she was hurt. And then she spent a lot of time pouting, and trying to push him away. And when he left, she was the one in pursuit. Come on, really? And then after everything, the reconciliation wasn't enough to make up for their behavior, IMO.

But even with all that, I still loved the book, which should tell you just how good it is. Usually, when somebody messes up this bad, my ratings go way down, but not in this case.



4 stars