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Perfection - R.L. Mathewson R.L. Mathewson is quite a find. I'm never quite as grateful for GoodReads as when I love a book, I wouldn't have picked up if not for my friends.

Trevor (cousin of Jason, hero of the first book) is a typical Bradford, meaning he has an unhealthy obsession with food.


But unlike his cousin, he's not as confident. Things were never that easy for him, especially not school. As a matter of fact, since he is dyslexic school was a nightmare of epic proportions. Since he never got to shine, he decided to marry a perfect woman, so that everybody would envy him. She would haven to be stunning, smart, a great cook - basically perfect. And then there's his tenant Zoe. She doesn't fit a single criterium of his. and yet, he can't stop thinking about her.

Zoe is aware that she's no man's ideal woman. But she really doesn't need a hunk like Trevor telling her so. She just got fired, she's having quite a bad day, the last thing she needs is her neighbor from hell doing something stupid again. He's impossible! And yet, as she slowly comes to know him, he grows on her.

I like this book, but not quite as much as the first one.

Zoe is OK, unsure of herself, but still with a great sense of humor and generosity. Trevor himself is not bad, a bit wacky, but mostly great. Except for one thing.

The way he thinks of Zoe is a bit disturbing. Calling her fat, unattractive, not worthy of him... REALLY?! It took him a while to realize he's in love with her, mainly because he kept waiting for his PERFECT wife to show up. But this scene made up a bit for his behavior (his "friend" Hank brought him a woman to meet, at that time he's sleeping with Zoe). It's a bit long, but I loved it.

Frowning, Trevor looked back at the woman named Mandy and looked her over. She was beautiful, stunningly so. She had just the right amount of makeup, perfect silky long black hair ending halfway down her back. Her breasts were high and full without the look of plastic and her figure was absolutely perfect.

"We thought we'd head back to the girl's place so that Mandy could cook us all dinner. She's a chef," Hank announced with a cocky grin, no doubt knowing how attractive a woman who could cook was to a Bradford.

What he didn't know was that so far Mandy was scoring pretty high on Trevor's perfect woman list. He shot a look over his shoulder before stepping out onto the front stoop and closing the door behind him.
He shot Mandy a smile that she quickly returned.

"So, Mandy, tell me....are you a Yankees fan?"

"Yes," she said, giving him a flirty little smile.

"Are you close to your family?"


"Large family?"

"Yes," she answered, frowning a bit at his questions or the rapid fire way he was asking them, he didn't know or care.

"Do you think you're fat?" he asked, narrowing his eyes on her as he waited for her to answer.

Her beautiful, perfectly painted mouth worked soundlessly for a moment before she answered. "A little, but I'm on a diet," she rushed to explain as if that's what he wanted to hear.

"Do you like dogs?"

"Yes, but I'm more of a cat person."

"Are you clingy?" he demanded.

"No," she answered with a nervous laugh as she shot her sister, who only shrugged, a look.

With a regrettable sigh he shook his head. "I'm sorry, but this isn't going to work out."

"What the hell are you doing, Trevor?"

Hank demanded anxiously. No doubt the man wouldn't be getting laid tonight, but Trevor couldn't help it. He had his standards and this woman failed them.


What the hell was the man thinking bringing a woman like that to meet him? Did the man think he was so desperate that he'd consider sleeping with a woman like that? It was really insulting, he thought as he climbed onto the couch behind Zoe and pulled her back against his body. She of course rewarded him with an elbow to his gut, which he manfully took since she turned in his arms and cuddled up quite nicely against him.

A half hour later as he dozed off he wondered why Hank brought him a woman like that when he clearly had standards. Then he remembered that the man was a fucking moron and that explained everything.

I also liked Toby, Zoe's dog, a German Shepard/Husky mix. He's so cute, and Zoe/Trevor war about what's proper for a male dog to own is adorable.


There are actually quite a lot of LOL scenes. I really enjoyed the book, besides Trevor's TSTL moments. :-)

I'm definitely going to continue with the series. For all those interested, yes, there will be a next book. :-)


4 stars