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Games of the Heart

Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley I adore this series. I read all of Ms. Ashley's contemporary series, and no matter how much I liked the Colorado Mountain, it still can't be compared to the 'Burg.

We met Mike Haines in At Peace, a great guy, cop, single father. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you want to want to look at it) he didn't get the girl. He's extremely cautious about the women he dates, after all he's responsible for his children, and the fact that his ex was a piece of work doesn't exactly help. But it all changes when he sees Dusty, the first time in decades.

Dusty is a successful artist, with a great life in Texas.

But she never really got over the crush she had on Mike. So when she sees him at her brother's funeral, she takes the comfort he offers. And they both realize that what they have is too precious too ignore. Of course there are a few misunderstandings before they get steady (reading someone's diary, never a good idea).

But, things are never that easy in KA world. There are some bad guys who complicate everyone's lives. There's the stalkerish ex, the evil sister, the slimy real estate developer... Although, I have to say, the sister, Debbie, drove me insane. She was willing to destroy her dead brother's dreams of leaving the family farm to his son, so that she could wreck revenge over some petty reasons? *Arghhh*

As I already said, I adore the book. All of the character's are amazing (as always), Mike and Dusty are a great couple, who is so obviously in love. Mike's kids, as well as Dusty's nephews are amazing, well you get the point. And then there's Layla, the amazing dog. Loved her!

And before I forget, Fin and Rees, too cute for words (the daughter and the nephew). *sigh*

But the thing that blew my mind - the epilogue. Actually seeing their HEA, the way that they are still strong after seven years, their kids, Fin and Rees' wedding. As a matter of fact, the entire 'Burg series has amazing epilogues, that made me cry.

And this is the last time I'm going to use this word: The book is AMAZING!!! :D


5 stars