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Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha 4.5 stars

An incredible read! Dark and kinky and pretty much perfect!

Noelle is a girl who got kicked out of Eden for simply wanting to feel. You see, in this new (dystopian) world, a lot of things are forbidden by law - drinking, having fun and mostly sex. The times are such when the reproduction is controlled and so, of course, there is no need for sex. Back to the Noelle. She rebelled, got caught and kicked out to the Broken Ring. Her life was nearly tragically ended, but help came in form of one of Dallas' (the boss of Sector 4) lieutenant, Jasper.

Her new home is so far away from everything she knew it's almost a completely different world. But, it's a world far more suited to her.

Noelle is an interesting character. In the beginning of the book, she was this innocent and lost girl (naive as well), but as the time goes by, we see her accept her desires, that there is life outside the rigid environment in which she grew up, see her bloom into a strong woman who can stand up for herself.

I adore all the members of O'Kane gang. The authors managed to create an amazing cast of characters, from the leader Dallas, his men Jasper, Bren, Ace, Mad, Flash, and of course the women Lex, Rachel, Amira and even Six. Every single one of them got to me.

This is not a simple romance where we see the hero and heroine fall in love and everybody lives happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, there is a HEA in the end, but the book is filled with lots of secondary characters whose stories have been started. It enriches the book, makes it compelling. There are POVs from several people, making it easier to imagine life in Dallas' territory.

It's usually easy to say: "Oh, my favorite is ...", but in here it's impossible. If push came to shove, I would probably pick Dallas, he's the complete alpha male, but he has that soft spot he guards jealously. Can't wait for his book. But then there are Ace and intriguing Mad, and so many others. I'm simply overwhelmed (in a very good way).

The only slightly imperfect thing is the whole mess at the end, with Jasper being a bloody martyr. Luckily, Noelle didn't give in to him. But something about that whole situation didn't feel right. But other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever.

As for the pictures and the tattoos, they don't have a special meaning, they just look pretty.

And a short warning: there is a fair amount of kink in the book. BDSM, exhibitionism, f/f. It was hot as hell, but I thought to put a warning in case some people simply don't like reading things like that.

Can't wait for the sequels to come out. The books in the series:
Beyond ShameBeyond ControlBeyond PainBeyond Jealousy

Book provided by the authors via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.