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Feral Sins

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright 4.25 stars

OK, what to say? First, I liked the book, a lot. There were some things that weren't great, but overall the book is pretty good.

Taryn is a healer and an alpha. Now usually, that would bring her some prestige, but she is also a latent - she can't shift. Her father simply can't seem to look beyond it, and see the strong woman that she is. But he does see her value as a bargaining chip - he wants her to mate another alpha, so that he can cement the alliance. What he doesn't see (or simply doesn't care) is that the said alpha is cruel. She needs to escape. Another option is accepting the psycho alpha Trey's proposal.

Trey needs help. His uncle wants to absorb Trey's little pack into his. Trey won't even consider it. His old pack was nothing but cruel to him, and yeah, they threw him out when he was little more than a child. But he lacks numbers to oppose his uncle. He needs alliances, And Taryn may be the solution - simply mate her (temporarily) and after the mess clears up, they would separate and go their own ways. Best laid plans and all... :D

I really, really like Trey. He's grumpy, alpha, and really close to his animal. Those are my favorite heroes (Clay from [b:Bitten|11918|Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, #1)|Kelley Armstrong|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1306101770s/11918.jpg|2606334] and William from [b:Bayou Moon|7130616|Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2)|Ilona Andrews|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1307445460s/7130616.jpg|7392860] are prime examples). He's also incredibly possessive and protective, but Taryn can stand up to him.

As for Taryn, she is great as well. Strong, sarcastic and a bit crazy as well. But she's a prefect fit for Trey.

Then there's Trey's pack. I love every single one of his Enforcers, and can't wait for their books.

There were some things that bothered me - mainly Trey's stubbornness to end their matting. Why? I mean, he cared for Taryn, deeply. But he still couldn't ask her to stay, hurting her in the process. Taryn had her own problems, sometimes she was inconsistent. But it was nothing major.

Now, I read a couple of reviews where the reviewer complained about the menage scene. Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but it simply didn't fit. I simply can't see how the uber-possesive Trey could stand it. But in the great scheme of things, it didn't bother me.

Some quotes that made me smile:

Given that she was in the company of – or, more accurately, being confined by – a person who wasn’t at all mentally stable, you would think her wolf would be at least a little nervous. Taryn certainly was beneath her anger. Oh not at all! Her wolf wanted to rub against him enticingly, recognising his scent as the one from the bedroom. Tramp.


Trey…well that was another matter altogether. Scrap hostile and sinister, the guy looked like he needed a rabies shot. He was a walking promise of death. And her wolf totally approved – yet another indication that she was dumb.